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We often meet with people with debt problems whose only income is Social Security benefits.  In some cases, they are “judgment proof”.  That is, there is no way for their creditors to collect.  Other than debts owed to government agencies,…

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Biggest Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Myths

If you are facing potential bankruptcy and you are trying to determine if it is a good option for you or not, you have likely heard about a lot of different myths about what can happen during the course of…

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What to Consider When Deciding Whether to File for Child Support

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Parents want to provide a safe and secure environment for a child. The additional court-ordered financial support is also welcome to help provide for the many needs of a child. However, is filing for child support always the best choice?…

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Debts that Can Be Relieved Through Bankruptcy

Often the people who would benefit the most from bankruptcy don’t know enough about the protections they’re afforded under the law. When you have financial stress, there are emotional traumas that come with the problem. There may be embarrassment and…

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