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Qualities To Look For In An Athens GA Attorney

If you have an issue that requires the advice and expertise of an attorney, finding the right lawyer can be a frustrating process. Friends and relatives are quick to give a name or reference. It seems like every Georgian has…

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Debts that Can Be Relieved Through Bankruptcy

Often the people who would benefit the most from bankruptcy don’t know enough about the protections they’re afforded under the law. When you have financial stress, there are emotional traumas that come with the problem. There may be embarrassment and…

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How Does Foreclosure Work in Georgia?

If you have been struggling to make your mortgage payments and you are headed towards foreclosure, it’s important to understand how this process works in the state of Georgia. Since Georgia is a “non-judicial foreclosure state”, this means that your…

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How Long Can I Stay In My House After Foreclosure?

If you are facing possible foreclosure on your home, falling behind on your mortgage payments, or are already in the foreclosure process, you may be wondering exactly how long you can stay in your house once the foreclosure is final….

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