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Our advice on cosigning a loan for a family member or friend is simple: DON’T DO IT!  But if you do,  understand the consequences if your friend or loved one can’t, or won’t, pay.

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  If your Chapter 13 case was dismissed due to missed payments, you may be able to refile.  Here are some common questions and issues that must be addressed.

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Qualities To Look For In An Athens GA Attorney

If you have an issue that requires the advice and expertise of an attorney, finding the right lawyer can be a frustrating process. Friends and relatives are quick to give a name or reference. It seems like every Georgian has…

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Negotiating The Forclosure Process May Save Your Home

Mortgage lenders have a tremendous amount of power in Georgia because they do not have to bring you to court to foreclose on your home or property. If you fall behind on payments, the company can send sell your house…

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Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a nightmare for many people. Out of control spending is difficult to repay, especially if you are just making the minimum monthly payment. It can lead to stress within families, particularly marital stress. Excessive debt, including…

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Are Part Time Employees Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is an employer paid insurance program that covers workers who are injured on the job or develop an illness or disease because of their work. An example of a covered illness could include cancer or lung disease related…

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Tips for Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

How do you begin to rebuild your credit following a bankruptcy? A common misconception about bankruptcy is that it will forever ruin your credit. Many people fear that they will never again be able to obtain a mortgage, car loan,…

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Can My Wages Be Garnished Without a Judgment?

Wage garnishment requires that an employer withhold money from an employee’s pay to satisfy a debt. In most cases a court order would be necessary for a creditor to garnish your wages. However, there are certain circumstances in which wage…

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Can Filing for Bankruptcy Reduce or Eliminate Child Support Payments?

Falling behind in child support can create a stressful situation for both the parent and the child. Parents want to do the right thing but are sometimes unable to make the payments in a timely manner. Some may wonder whether…

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How Do I Qualify for Disability Benefits?

If a person is unable to work due to an injury or medical condition, they may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. The person must suffer from a permanent medical, psychiatric, or psychological condition to qualify. The disability…

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