My Chapter 13 case was dismissed. Can I file a new case and protect my property?

It is usually possible to refile under Chapter 13 after a case has been dismissed. However, you must be able to show that you have sufficient regular income to make the new plan feasible. If a car or other collateral has been repossessed, it can usually be recovered, provided that it hasn’t been sold to a third party and the new plan provides for payment of the debt.

If you have had a prior case pending within the last year, your attorney must file a motion to extend the automatic stay which goes into effect when your case is filed. Otherwise the stay would expire 30 days after the case is filed, putting your property in jeopardy. Motions to extend the stay are usually granted without dispute.

If you have had 2 prior cases pending within the last year, the stay does not go into effect automatically. Your attorney must file a motion to impose the stay. Otherwise, your creditors could try to repossess and dispose of their collateral. Motions to impose the stay are also usually granted, but you will likely have to show the court that your circumstances have changed and that the new plan is workable.

If you are considering filing a new case after dismissal of a previous case, it is very important to consult with an experienced attorney right away. Your attorney may be able to formulate a more favorable repayment plan so that the new case will be more likely to succeed.

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