What to expect: Free bankruptcy consultation

You will meet with an attorney at your initial consultation

Some other law firms have you meet with an assistant or paralegal first. With these firms, you may not even meet your attorney until your first court date. We feel it is important to meet face to face, so you can shake hands with the person who will actually represent you and get to know them. Most importantly, a paralegal or assistant cannot properly assess your options and advise you about the pros and cons of the bankruptcy process.

You will receive advice specific to your situation
Most people have a general idea of how bankruptcy works, but do not fully understand how it applies to them. This leads to misunderstandings about who can file for bankruptcy, which debts are eligible for discharge, and what happens with property and belongings. The initial consultation is our chance to clarify bankruptcy laws and how they apply to you and your specific situation. We will discuss your goals and priorities, and outline the different options available to accomplish them.

You will not file bankruptcy at your initial consultation

Under certain circumstances (foreclosure, repossession, garnishments), we can file a bankruptcy case immediately following the consultation. However, we normally encourage our clients to take the time to consider their different options. We understand that filing bankruptcy is a big decision that should not be entered into without advice and consideration. We want our clients to be comfortable with both the case they are filing and the attorney representing them before going forward with filing.

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