What to expect: Your next appointment

Please Come Even if you don’t Have all the Information or Money Discussed with your Attorney
By showing up for your appointment, even with incomplete information or filing fees, we can start the process of preparing your documents for filing. Often, we will be able to file your case and submit additional information to the court later. Missing your appointment delays the help and relief we can get for you. Even worse, this may lead to further harassment and complications from your creditors.

You Will Meet with our Experienced and Highly Trained Staff
Your next appointment will be with a legal assistant on our staff. Your legal assistant is specifically trained to help gather information and prepare documents in connection with bankruptcy cases. Your attorney is in charge of preparing and filing your case, and the legal assistant aids in the process.

We Gather the Information and Documents for your Case
Your legal assistant will ask you questions about your debts, expenses, income, and assets. They will also review your credit report, paystubs, tax returns, bank accounts, and any recent payments or transfers you may have made. If you don’t have these documents available, please still come for your appointment. We can always get them after the meeting.

Your Attorney Reviews and Prepares your Case for Immediate Filing
At the end of your meeting, you are asked to read and verify the information gathered and to sign forms stating that the information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Your case will then be given back to your attorney for final review and preparation of the documents to be filed with the bankruptcy court. Generally, if no unusual problems arise, your bankruptcy case will be filed with the court within about 24 hours of your meeting.

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