My workers comp doctor has released me to light duty work. Can my employer cut off my weekly benefits?

Under Georgia law, when an injured worker has been released to light duty work by his/her treating physician, the employer can choose to offer light duty employment. If the injured worker refuses to make a good faith attempt to perform the job, the employer or insurer can suspend weekly workers compensation benefits.

However, in order for the employer/insurer to suspend benefits without a hearing, it must provide the treating physician with an accurate job description, and it must send the employee a copy of the job description at the time it is sent to the physician. If the job description is approved by the physician, the job is tendered to the employee, and the employee refuses the job or fails to make a good faith attempt to perform it, the employer can suspend the employee’s weekly benefits. In order to get the benefits reinstated, the employee would have to request a hearing and present evidence that the proposed job is not suitable employment.

If you have been injured on the job, it is very important to get advice from an experienced workers compensation attorney to insure you get the benefits you deserve.

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