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When it comes to losing things that you own because of inability to pay, foreclosure is likely one of the most frightening. Being able to purchase a home is a great thing but if you are at risk of losing that home, it can be devastating. Learn more about foreclosure in Georgia with our help and also learn how you can avoid foreclosure through bankruptcy.

When Does Foreclosure Occur?

If you are unable to make your mortgage payments, then you are at risk for foreclosure. Once you start missing payments, your lender can take legal action to sell your home. In Georgia, the lender does not need to go through the court system to sell your home due to foreclosure but they do have to follow the state procedures in place.

How To Stop A Foreclosure

There are several ways that homeowners can avoid foreclosure. If the homeowners have the money to pay for the past payments, they may be able to work out a deal with the lender. However, if this is not the first time you have done this, then they may not be as willing to work with you. Another thing to keep in mind since it is not a requirement that lenders go through the court system to begin the foreclosure process, as the homeowner, in order to get the attention of the courts in the matter and to really fight the foreclosure, you will need to hire an attorney. The attorney can help you with your burden of proof for reasons why the foreclosure should not occur and can help you through the lengthy process. Additionally, an attorney can help you explore your options so you can determine if there is a way to save your home. Bankruptcy attorneys can stop a foreclosure right up until the scheduled day of the foreclosure, call us for help.

If you are facing foreclosure, be sure to contact us for home foreclosure help. You may be able to stop foreclosure or put it off for some time while you get your finances back on track. The foreclosure process can be complicated. We can simplify it for you so you can keep you home and understand everything that is happening in the process.

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