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5 Ways to Have Low-Cost Holidays Without Anyone Knowing

| November 18, 2015

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a stressful time for many hard-working people across the country. After all, the holidays have become rather commercialized, with the average American spending around $800 on holiday gifts. But what if things are financially rough this year? Perhaps you’ve just filed for bankruptcy or are struggling in other areas of your finances. Either way, the good news is that there are still plenty of ways to go about having an enjoyable holiday without spending a fortune in the process.

Go Thrift Store Shopping

You might be surprised by the treasures you can find in a thrift store that you can’t find anywhere else. Consider picking out an old piece of furniture from your local thrift store and re-finishing it for a loved one. All you need is a little bit of sandpaper, primer, paint and new hardware to transform an old end table or small dresser into a one-of-a-kind piece to adorn a loved one’s space.

Create Hand-Made Gifts

Speaking of DIY gifts, there are always other inexpensive and hand-made gift ideas that you can execute for the holiday season. Aren’t hand-made gifts always the most thoughtful, anyway? girl on christmas morningConsider making a holiday wreath for a loved one using a Styrofoam ring (available at any craft store) and some decorative flowers from your local dollar store.

Shop for Deep Discounts

What about those people on your list who are notoriously difficult to buy for? Maybe they’re not the type to enjoy hand-made gifts, but love electronics or clothes. This is where taking the time to shop around for deals can make all the difference and allow you to stretch your small budget. Check out some Black Friday deals, where you can save 50 percent or more on many popular electronic and apparel items.

Write a Heartfelt Letter

Sometimes, a hand-written letter or hand-made card with a heartfelt message inside is a better gift than anything you could buy in stores. Set aside some time to write letters to loved ones this holiday season. If you feel odd about not “gifting” anything, you can always deliver your letters with a tin of homemade holiday cookies.

Make Lasting Memories

The holiday season is all about making memories, so consider foregoing gifts in favor of experiences. Take your family to a free holiday exhibit at a local park, bring young children to get their pictures taken with Santa at the mall, or go ice skating on a frozen pond with loved ones. Surely, they’ll remember these experiences more than they’d ever remember opening up a gift.

Be sure to keep these low-budget ideas in mind for the upcoming holiday season, and don’t forget to contact us for help with your finances.

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