Can You Terminate Your Social Security Benefits?

| July 29, 2015

Although your social security benefits may provide you with a regular monthly income and medical insurance, you may eventually need to cancel the coverage. If you discovered a way to make an income despite your personal limitations, canceling the benefits can prevent requirement violations. After all, collecting benefits while not meeting the given regulations can result in a payback order for your entire award amount. You may also cancel benefits if collection of the funds or care goes against your personal or religious beliefs. Furthermore, you might find that cancellation may actually increase the award amount from other programs.

When To Make Your Request

Your benefits will not cancel until officials have a chance to review and process your paperwork. Therefore, a termination notice sent in toward the end of your benefit period may not go into effect until the following month completes in full. Until then, you will continue receiving benefits and income checks, which require your compliance with the governing program guidelines.

Steps To Benefit Termination

Terminations forms for your Social Security benefits are available from your case manager, local library, lawyer’s office and online. You must fill out the paperwork in full to have your termination request considered in a timely manner. The written request needs to detail your reason for ending participation in the Social Security program.

You may need to read over a full list of benefit termination repercussions. If you have any questions about the repercussions, be sure to discuss your concerns with your case manager before sending in the paperwork. Thoroughly initial the form to agree to follow the correct procedures for appeals and reapplication in the future. Make sure to date the application to ensure your request is processed as soon as possible.

You will need to send the completed termination form to your case manager. If you need help filling out the form, your case manager can complete the termination request through the official system. You can also contact your lawyer for assistance completing the termination request.

Expectations After Termination

After Social Security officials process your paperwork, your benefit package will end on the account’s monthly cutoff date. You will no longer receive medical coverage under the given plan nor receive monthly income checks. You will be fully released from the income limits and other regulations assigned during your participation in this benefit program.

If you change your mind about canceling, you can file an appeal to have the decision overturned. You may need to reapply with a new application upon receiving an acceptance of the appeal.

If you are not happy with the way your termination was handled or need help with an appeal, contact Morgan & Morgan Attorneys at Law for professional assistance. We are always here to help you navigate this tough road and take back control of your livelihood.
Payment from a new job may necessitate cancelling Social Security

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