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Free Consultation With a Bankruptcy Lawyer, Call (706) 608-8160

Free Consultation With a Bankruptcy Lawyer, Call (706) 608-8160

Debt Relief is Possible

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Unlike many firms that schedule new clients to meet with a paralegal, when you schedule an appointment with Morgan & Morgan, you will meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

We attend all your court hearings

We complete all your paperwork

Over 30 years bankruptcy experience

Put a lawyer between you and your creditors

"A very respectful law firm that has very good customer service which is job one in the human world. Thank you Morgan and Morgan of Athens, ga." - W.S. August 2017

"We were fully enlightened about our situation which helped us choose our best choice concerning a problem. We would recommend Mr Braswell to our friends." - H.A. August 2017

"My experience with Morgan & Morgan was exceptional!!! I was very well informed about their procedures and felt comfortable about going forth with my case. Everything was handled with importance." - C.J. May 2017

"Attorney Jason Braswell & Lisa LaCount are just wonderful...not one time have I call the office and spoke with Carmella that I didn't get a chance to speak directly to Jason or Lisa or receive an immediate return call/email with a response. Thanks to this attorney team, my mind and our finances are in order. Again, thanks for taking us on as a client of Morgan & Morgan." - C.P. May 2017

"Lee did a great job. He helped me save my home and get a grip on my financial situation. The staff at Morgan & Morgan was great. Always easy to reach on the phone and mindful of my situation. Thanks!" - April 29, 2013

An Experienced Team of Bankruptcy Lawyers that Gets Results

We are a boutique law firm with a family atmosphere. We realize that our clients are in need of help and we make it our mission to create the most comfortable environment possible. Over the last 30 years, we have been providing legal services pertaining to bankruptcy, workers compensation and disability to the Athens, Georgia metropolitan area. We have assisted all types of clients from commercial businesses to individuals.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy laws were created by Congress to give individuals who are in financial trouble a fresh start from their burdensome debts. When you can’t keep up with your debts, you need a new opportunity to achieve your financial goals without being pressured and harassed by creditors. Bankruptcy is a process that can be used by both individuals and business to eliminate or assist in the repayment of debts, and should always be done with the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Types of Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcy has two main types, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, commonly referred to as liquidation and reorganization. In a Chapter 7 case, your assets will be sold to pay for your debts. In a Chapter 13 case, you are made to pay off your debts via a payment plan made with the appointed bankruptcy trustee over the course of three to five years.

Bankruptcy is complicated, which is why it is important to consider many factors if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. Here at Morgan & Morgan, we have more than 30 years of experience helping people with bankruptcy and debt relief.

Bankruptcy Misconceptions

Although bankruptcy is a great way to get a fresh start, there are several misconceptions about bankruptcy that leads many individuals astray. Here are some common misconceptions about bankruptcy:

  • Erase Student Loans. The only way that a student loan can be discharged in bankruptcy, is if a debtor can show that repaying the loan will cause undue hardship on their financial well-being, which is a very difficult threshold to meet. For this reason, student loans are rarely ever erased during bankruptcy.
  • Filing for bankruptcy will prevent a secured creditor from repossessing your property. A lien on property can survive a bankruptcy filing. The debt may be eliminated, but if a creditor holds your property as collateral, it is considered to be a secured debt and the creditor is still entitled to take the property
  • Eliminate tax debts, child support and alimony obligations. Child support, alimony and tax debts are all dischargeable unsecured debts. These debts always survive bankruptcy whether you have a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case.

Take the First Step Toward Help

Our bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to treating clients like family and making client needs a priority. We have specialized experience in assisting clients who are facing foreclosure on their homes, or have already had their homes foreclosed upon. Morgan & Morgan also specializes in matters of bankruptcy, real estate, immigration and debt collection defense. Let us help you with your debt relief, start your free consultation now by contacting us today at (706) 548-7070 to learn more about how our team of experienced attorneys can help you through these challenging times.

Bankruptcy FAQs

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Lee Morgan has represented me many times in the past. I have always been very satisfied with their expertise and appreciate how smoothly the process goes because of their experience and preparedness. I highly recommend! - Thomas B.

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