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Who Makes Social Security Disability Decisions?

| August 19, 2015

When you apply for social security disability benefits, the process is nothing short of daunting. As Athens lawyers, we are committed to helping people receive the disability benefits they deserve, we work hard to ensure that your disability benefits application provides everything the social security administration needs to approve your application.

If you have already received a denial for social security disability benefits, don’t be alarmed. The majority of people who apply for benefits are denied in their initial application. The social security administration often denies benefits to worthy applications for reasons that include incomplete applications, or missing documentation from treatment providers.

The good new is, you have the right to appeal your social security disability benefits denial. The appeals process can get complicated, and it will help you get benefits quicker if you work with a qualified attorney that has experience with social security. When you are injured and you are stressed about not having enough money to live on, it becomes overwhelming to fight a social security disability claim on your on. That’s why you need to contact Morgan & Morgan.


Who Makes Social Security Disability Decisions?

In essence, the social security administration makes your disability determination, but what’s important to remember is that all of your treatment providers play an integral party in getting you the approval you are seeking. For example, if you are seeking disability for anxiety or depression, your prescribing psychiatrist or therapist must be willing to state that anxiety or depression are making it impossible for you to work. You must be in active treatment for any disability you are stating, and there must be clear proof that your disability is preventing you from having gainful employment.

The most effective way to get benefits is to seek treatment for the disabilities that you have, and to work closely with health care providers as you try to improve your overall health. Whether you have a condition that can be treated, or you have a lifelong medical problem, working closely with treatment providers gives them the information they need to provide the social security with the proper documentation for you to secure disability benefits.

Whether you have just begun your disability application, or you have been denied benefits, we can help. Our Athens lawyers fight against the social security administration every day, trying to get benefits for deserving clients. We understand that you have more important issues to focus on, and that you need your strength to fight against your disabilities. We work hard to provide you with solid legal representation, and we know what it takes to win an appeal in a social security disability case.

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