Child Support Debt

child support debt athens ga

If you are behind on your child support payments and are in deep debt because of this, a bankruptcy attorney can help you find relief. Our lawyers can help you through the process to get what you need. It can be a confusing and stressful process because parents want to ensure the child is protected at all costs, which is why you can trust the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan, who are knowledgeable in all Georgia bankruptcy laws.

Child Support Arrears

Child support arrearages refers to the accumulation of past child support payments that were not made. These arrears are looked at like any other form of debt and the parent who missed the payments is legally responsible for paying them back. Over time, these payments can become insurmountable. We understand, though, that child support arrearages are not like other forms of debt because of the stress the put between the child and parents. Oftentimes, the parent cannot see the child when payments are outstanding. For these reasons, and many others, our attorneys want to help you find relief.

Can You File Bankruptcy on Child Support?

If you find yourself under child support debt, Chapter 13 can help. This form of bankruptcy will not discharge your obligation, but it can give you the time to get caught up. Congress has decided that child support debt is too important to be completely discharged in bankruptcy, however, through Chapter 13 bankruptcy the filer has the opportunity to reorganize his/her debts and pay them back through a repayment plan.

If you have questions about child support arrearages, contact us today for assistance with your child support debt. Morgan & Morgan’s office is conveniently located in Athens, Georgia, to serve clients in Clarke, Oconee, Morgan, Walton, Jackson, Hall, Barrow, Madison, Oglethorpe, Elbert, Hart, Franklin, Banks, Habersham, Greene and Stephens county.

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