What is lien-stripping and how does it work?

May 19, 2020

Many homeowners have more than one mortgage or lien on their property. In some cases, given the fluctuating values of real estate, homeowners can owe more than their home is worth. This is especially the…

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How the automatic stay in bankruptcy proceedings can help a filer get back on track

May 15, 2020

The automatic stay is one of the benefits to filing for bankruptcy. When someone files for bankruptcy, the court orders a stay on all attempts to collect debts from the filer. In part, the reason…

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The steps for filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

May 7, 2020

Filing for bankruptcy is not something that anyone should take lightly. The process is quite intensive. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is especially complex, because under this type of bankruptcy a filer will be required to pay…

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How secured credit cards can help you build your credit

May 7, 2020

In the personal finance world, the words “credit card” often carry a negative connotation. Indeed, credit card debt is one of the top-cited reasons why people file for bankruptcy. Still, credit cards can actually be…

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Morgan and Morgan can help with your social security disability claim in Athens metro area.

Why You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Getting approval for your social security benefits is a tedious process, and filing a claim does not always mean that you will receive the benefits you seek. One way to drastically improve your chances of…

Social security attorneys in Monroe and Winder, Georgia

Top 5 Reasons Social Security Disability Applications Are Initially Rejected

More than 50 percent of the applications submitted for Social Security benefits are denied. When your benefits are initially denied, the stated reasons can vary drastically. One thing that is critical to note when dealing…

Filing for student loan bankruptcy with Morgan & Morgan Attorneys at Law P.C.

Student Loans and Claiming Bankruptcy

Student Loans are far and away the most difficult form of debt to erase. Bankruptcy filing is typically not an option for student debt unless debtors can clearly prove through a series of tests that:

get expert help from attorneys in Athens about obtaining a mortgage after filing for bankruptcy

The Proper Steps To Obtaining a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Rather, it is the spark of a new beginning where you can rewrite your financial goals, erase large amounts of your debt and start afresh….


Divorce or Bankruptcy: Which One Comes First?

Going through bankruptcy is difficult by itself but going through divorce is equally stressful, painful, and financially devastating. Knowing the steps to take – and which order to take them in – can be a…


Necessary Items To Provide When Reporting an Injury to the Doctor

If you are ever involved in an accident or sustain a personal injury at the hands of another person, the actions taken post-injury are crucial. The actions that you take will dictate whether or not…

The benefits of using a budget sheet after bankruptcy on Athens, Georgia bankruptcy lawyers, Morgan & Morgan blog.

The Benefits of the Budget Sheet After Bankruptcy

Utilizing a budget sheet is not only helpful when trying to minimize costs and track spending, but also can be extremely useful during and after bankruptcy filing is complete. You are going to be required to complete…

Working in construction can be dangerous. Contact Morgan and Morgan Lawyers if your have been injured while working on a construction site.

8 Most Common Construction Site Accidents

Working on a construction site can be extremely dangerous and can result in the worst work-related injuries out there. Awareness and adhering to safety procedures are the most effective ways of hindering the occurrence of construction site accidents. 

Don't be a victim! Call Morgan and Morgan today if you feel that you have been a victim of disability insurance fraud in Hartwell, Madison and Athens.

Disability Insurance Scams: How To Avoid Them

Disability insurance and Social Security benefits were created to provide assistance to individuals that truly need it. It is reserved for those who have been afflicted by some physical or mental disability that prevents them from…


6 Factors To Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy, many things may run through your mind. Is filing for bankruptcy really the best option for me? How does bankruptcy work? What type of bankruptcy should I file? Am…