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10 Secrets about Social Security Disability

| October 31, 2015

Are you or a loved one getting ready to collect Social Security disability? Here are 10 secrets you may not know.

1. Timely Claims are Vital

Make your claim as soon as you can – as soon as you have the necessary evidence to support it. There’s a lot of misinformation here, but basically if you wait too long, your claim will be automatically denied. There’s no need to wait a particular number of months or anything else.SSD application

2. Disability Descriptions Matter

The vast majority of claims are first denied. Why? A common reason is poor descriptions of the disability. When it comes to Social Security disability, you want to be as thorough and detailed as possible when it comes to describing what you can no longer do, and how this affects your income, family, etc. Social Security attorneys like Morgan & Morgan may be able to help here.

3. Recent Work is Required

Eligibility for this type of disability is based on your work history. Social Security disability is only available if you have worked 20 out of the last 40 quarters. If you have met this qualification, then you are automatically enrolled. There are no additional qualifications, your social security deductions qualify you (assuming you have made them if you are self-employed).

4. Checking on Claims Can Speed Them Up

It sounds strange, but if you are worried about your claim, checking up on it can actually make a difference. Checking on a claim is more likely to speed up the process and get the claim pushed to the next level. If you want results, make a few calls.

5. Financial Status Doesn’t Matter

This is another common misconception of the average worker, but financial status doesn’t matter when it comes to claims. Qualification is required, and the disability must meet the appropriate guidelines, but that’s it. Your current financial status does not impact the decision.

6. There’s no Lifetime Limit

A lot of health insurance has a lifetime limit, but not SSD. You can continue receiving benefits as long as you continue meeting the requirements. Many payouts exceed $100,000.

7. You Can Hold a Hearing and Appeal

Was your claim denied? You can arrange for a hearing to examine your case, and even hold an appeal after that. Only do this if you have strong evidence that you qualify.

8. You Can Submit Medical Records Yourself

Don’t wait for a doctor to submit medical records. Ask for a copy of your records after the examination, and submit them yourself to help cut some of the red tape and save time.

9. A Doctor’s Note May Not Be Enough

Don’t put too much stock in a doctor’s note that your injury will lead to a disability last 12 months or more. This isn’t a magic ticket to a successful claim – your claim can still be denied. .

10. You Could Be Prosecuted for Fraud

Even if fraud isn’t intentional, you can still be prosecuted for fraud if you make serious mistakes or assumptions. This is where Social Security attorneys like Morgan & Morgan can also prove helpful.


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