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What is the Ticket to Work Program?

| November 30, 2015

When you are a person living on social security disability, it’s hard to see if you can work again without risking losing your benefits. With the Ticket to Work program, you sign up voluntarily. If you want to return to work, or you are hoping to be gainfully employed for the first time, you can find a job through the Ticket to Work program.

Improving Your Earning Potential

If you are living on social security disability benefits and you are trying to increase the amount of money you have every month, the Ticket to Work program may be a viable option for you. Through their employment networks, disability benefit recipients have access to gainful employment that may lead to a new career.

Qualifying for the Ticket to Work Program

If you receive social security disability benefits and you are between the ages of 18 and 64, you can apply for the Ticket to Work program. You will be able to try working, but continue to receive health insurance and cash payment benefits while you attempt working again. The biggest fear of those living on disability is trying to work, only to realize they are still dealing with a disability that doesn’t allow them to work full time. To avoid having to apply for benefits all over again, the Ticket to Work program was created.

Support Services to Find Employment

The resources of the Ticket to Work program are extensive. It’s possible to learn more about the program by visiting the social security Ticket to Work website, and learning about the variety of services there are. You can find employment opportunities, and have your questions answered regarding how much you can work, and what wages you should report.

Wages must be reported within six days of the end of the month, to avoid overpayment of your current benefits. While your benefits will go down depending on how much money you earn, this is a way to keep your benefits while figuring out if you are able to work again.

To learn more about the Ticket to Work program, talk with one of the disability lawyers in your area to see if you qualify.


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